International Exports

RECRAL is highly specialized in the trading and waste management of various types of Non-Ferrous Metal Residues, Minerals & Catalysts. Our department of waste management has enabled trading potentiality to diversify the right business opportunities in our industry and enhance these opportunities.

We specialize in delivering physical commodities straight from the producer’s gate to the consumer’s doorstep matching in a timely manner the demand with available supplies. Our dedicated trading unit focuses on sourcing and supplying Copper, Nickel and Zinc to processing companies, global trading houses as well as to end customers.

We deal in all aspects of the base metal commodity market, from shipping base metals in its final metallic form to trading ores, dross, concentrates & minerals with processing companies. RECRAL is also involved in trading by-products of these metals including but not limited to platinum, cobalt, precious metals, crushed and uncrushed slags.

Precious Metals Handled

Non-Precious Metals Handled

Various other forms

  • Dross
  • Residues
  • Spent catalysts

RECRAL partners with companies to create value out of the waste that arises from the process of manufacture – the partnership helps replenishing the environment by shrinking the impact for these manufacturers, through recycling and cut down carbon emissions.

A vast range industry sectors that produce high quantities of metal bearing waste can benefit from RECRAL’s services, including electroplating, automotive, electronics, semiconductor, jewellery, petrochemical, chemical and aerospace, mining, fuel cells and more.

Ask about our consulting services and technology solutions that can help you maximise extraction of metal from waste.